At Green Andersen Search, we deliver a unique product, that creates successful relationships for those companies that have a special need. A product is tailored to each individual company’s needs, when the most talented profiles need to be identified, assessed, and qualified for key positions.


Our course is based on 5 basic stages and can be combined as needed:

• Identification

• Valuation

• Presentation

• Qualification

• Implementation

Some customers need the whole process, while others may benefit from only parts of it.

As a help to identify our clients actual needs, Green Andersen Search deliver a detailed project plan with a time schedule.


In the overall process, we use many valuable techniques:

• Research outside the established job databases

• In-depth journalistic methods- we lead where others do not

• Advanced person test system that draws an x-ray of the individual’s personality and problem-solving strategy in relation to the task, responsibility, and expectations

• Close dialogue with the candidates with focus on personal development

• Person test of the candidate’s key relations in the company

• 360-degree feedback analysis

• Professional evaluation of the candidates

• Qualification courses where the candidates are challenged on their professional skills

• Implementation in collaboration with some of the country’s most experienced business psychologists


Common to all is that we always weigh the close, personal dialogue and we have a special focus on the personal development. Our basic belief is that personality is not static. Most people can be developed and strengthened in a given situation.

The best candidate for the task - and business culture

Through close dialogue and our tools, we ensure that both the customer and candidate get all of the position’s relevant relations reflected up against the company’s challenges, strategic goals and expectations that are present. This also ensures that the chosen candidate will fit into the culture of the business as well as the collaboration with important key persons.

We stand behind our services

Our goal is not only to succeed in finding the most suitable candidate. We also stand behind the services we provide. We will make a difference in the relationship with our customers. A difference, that creates value and an even higher awareness for all parts in a successful collaboration. A collaboration, where focus on development is at its highest. A focus in common.

Therefore, good collaboration, for us, always starts with evolving personal dialogue. This is where we assist in assessing the specific needs, reflection, and presenting the right- and value-creating solution for our customers.

For further information, please contact Claus Lunde at: +45 4043 8500 or cl@green-andersen.dk