Our goal is always to find the best candidate. We will be indomitable in a proper, conscientious, and discreet manner.

We will dedicate our resources, business knowledge, and skills to those customers who call for a need for assistance within the search, assessment, and qualifications area. A need that could be to uncover the market for a special profile that is hard to find. It may also be to assess, develop and qualify the individual or team in the company.

We see ourselves as facilitators and a necessary connections and bargaining link when companies are to advance on the board’s, top, middle, and specialist level.

Therefore, we place great emphasis on the close, personal, developing and sustaining dialogue with our customers throughout the process. It is the company’s challenges and goals that is the main focus when we tailor our consultancy services.

At Green Andersen Search, the goal is to provide space for maturation. We create personal and professional development from the idea that the door to change should be opened from within. That is also why our processes lead to time-consuming, in-depth reflections for all parts. We prioritize time for the candidate’s maturation in the process. Prior to the job change, it is important that the candidate reaches a greater awareness of skills, untapped potentials, or developmental areas. This will ultimately lead to a successful relation.

Our goal is to constantly find new ways for the best candidates to lead where the others do not. As the only ones on the market, we have solid experience within the in-depth journalism with strong competencies in research and questionnaire. We involve competent data specialists to search the markets and discreetly find the right candidates for our customers. We typically find them outside the established job databases, where we usually find ourselves and thrive best.